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Today I Wrote

Today, for the first time in a long time, I opened up the new WIP and for more than six hours straight, did nothing but write.

I think I wrote over twenty pages.

Unfortunately, all this work happened on the new first draft manuscript, The Other Sky, and not The Storm. The Storm is the one I really need to work on because it’s the closest to completion.

But the work I did on The Other Sky today was a milestone.

I’m staying positive! More to come.


Quick Update

Hello all.

I know I have promised you all a book. Because I have made these promises, and it still isn’t here, I wholeheartedly apologize. I have no one to blame but myself. Let me explicate.

For the past couple of years, I have been battling severe depression. I don’t want to go into too many details about when but the timeline is roughly late 2012 until the present. The depression has taken hold of my mind, my life, and also, I’m sad to admit, my inspiration to write. If I am to be quite honest here, and why shouldn’t I be, the even sadder truth is that in the last two or three years, I have sat down to write maybe a dozen times. And that may be a liberal estimate.

For those who know me in my every day life, this may be surprising and it may not. I do not want anyone in my life to feel responsible because it isn’t their fault. The friends I do have are very supportive. But the depression still has me.

Depression is like a sickness that lives inside you. Even those who suffer from it may appear happy and smiling, as though everything is all right but deep down inside, they’re still sick. It’s devastating, energy-draining, and painful. Yes, physically painful. It has interfered with with my ability to make friends, to go places, to date, to trust, sometimes to even just go outside. Sometimes it takes everything in me to simply get up in the morning. Depression isn’t just being sad. Depression is a consistent heavy black cloud over everything you do, think, everywhere you go, everyone you meet. You are at constant war with yourself, your own worst enemy. Your own thoughts are like angry little bullets, piercing your self worth. You carry it with you, it’s always around, like a tin can tied to a dog’s tail. Sometimes it takes a real effort to remember the last time I was truly happy. Really, deeply happy. Even now as I type this, I can’t recall even an instance in my life where I was peaceful with all aspects of me. I try to do things that will encourage happiness and possibly pull me out of this soul-sucking funk but my self-hating always comes back. Always.

I am still working on The Storm but my personal battle rages every single day. I don’t want to promise a date because I tried that and failed, miserably, even furthering my depression. I have no idea how I will beat this thing. I keep hoping one day I’ll wake up and just be happy. I would love for that to happen but it’s not realistic to think that way.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate the support as I work through this. This was a difficult post to write.



The Storm Hits at the end of September

My upcoming book The Storm is slated for release at the end of September. What day? I don’t know. Probably the very last day (precisely when Halloween season is in full swing). At the rate I’m editing it, likely at the stroke of midnight on September 30th I’ll still be working on it. 

This book has been a challenge for me since it was completed in 2009. As soon as I finished The Storm, I began work on The Dark Layer. The Dark Layer has been available since 2011.

I don’t know why The Storm has been much more of a struggle. It’s no secret that the editing process is difficult for me. Always has been. For me, the fun quotient is in the negative region during the editing process. Writing is fun. Editing feels like work. Which is also precisely why being independent works better for me. :)

However, editing is a necessary process, otherwise my books would be two thousand pages long. I realize this is probably a bad thing.

Also, it’s again no secret that the past two years have presented some pretty rough personal trials. I got divorced, then became involved in a very unhealthy romantic relationship, moved, went through another gut-wrenching breakup, got involved in another bad relationship, moved again, another breakup, and again, and now here I am, still trying to recover. But I’m slowly finding my way back to myself again. And when I say slowly, I do mean slowly. Very slowly. I’m still angry, bitter, hurt, humiliated, and overall feeling debased. I still have a lot of unanswered questions about so many things. But, for the first time in a very, very long time I’m recognizing bad habits and patterns and trying to find my way back to my peace of mind. It isn’t very encouraging to focus mostly on your flaws but it’s been a very eye-opening self-discovery indeed.

Anyway, I’m not trying to boo-hoo over my spilled milk, only to offer an explanation as to why The Storm has taken such a long time to finish. Another reason could be that as I’m editing The Storm, I’m also writing book one of my first trilogy, which I’m very excited about. This trilogy is a change in direction for my writing and has a huge cast of characters (instead of just a main character and a few supporters) so it has taken up a lot of the free space in my brain. Now, whenever I read The Stand or any of the Game of Thrones books (or basically any book that contains a huge cast of characters), I’m in total awe of the writer. It isn’t easy keeping all those people and their stories/issues/personalities inside your head. Those writers are truly in a prestigious class all their own. 

I will do my best to continue to update this blog when I can so whoever reads and appreciates my little stories will be in the know for the upcoming book’s release. 

Whoever has stuck by me throughout my recent trials will find themselves richly rewarded in the end. 

Thanks again. 

Keep reading,



It Continues

I’ve hit triple digits on editing The Storm. I am now about a third of the way through editing this little book.

Work also continues on the trilogy I’ve got going but it’s slow because I’m trying to dedicate most of the momentum to The Storm for now. However, I’m writing the new ideas down for the trilogy. Every time I walk my dog, I get a new idea. Not sure what that means.

Soon, my pretties. Very soon…



The Little Con That Could

So I went to Marcon this weekend. This con took place in Columbus, Ohio at the convention center. I was asked by the one and only Griffin Barber to attend this con because he told me he would be making an appearance there (along with the magnificent Alistair Kimble) and since it had been several years since I’ve seen these two, and the con is only a short drive, I decided to attend.

I almost didn’t. Unfortunately, this con fell on a busy weekend and I almost blew it off due to other plans. It’s a con that’s somewhere between small and medium and it isn’t really a con that falls into my genre. Also, and this is the most unfortunate reason, because I’ve fallen so far out of the writing world that I didn’t really feel as though I belonged there. I’ve fallen out of touch with my writing and wasn’t really sure I was up for a couple of days surrounded by writers and their questions about how my work is going. Work on The Storm and The Other Sky is just under steady, I’m sad to admit, and talking about it exhausts me. I didn’t want to be the downer of the group.

I’m glad I chose to go. Turns out, it was exactly what I needed. Being surrounded by my people again (writers), hearing about their projects, and hearing a few words of praise from Griffin about a story I wrote really did wonders for how I feel about my writing. The drive home that night after saying goodbye to my friends was the first time in a long time that I started thinking about writing again on a regular basis. After a few years of believing that the bulb had burned out permanently, it turns out all I needed was for someone to flip the switch.

As a writer, you never really know if your work is affecting anyone unless they tell you. It’s a very lonely job. Usually, you only hear the complaints. Your work is too violent, too wordy, too long, too this or too that. You don’t often hear the praise. For some reason, when people love something, they keep it to themselves. But people love to spread around what they hate. So, you’re sitting in your office, slaving over every last word you’ve written, wondering if you are the only one who really gives a crap about any of this.

I’d forgotten how great it feels to chum around with writers and talk about the craft. Now that I’ve been reminded, I won’t forget that again.

Thanks Griffin and Alistair, for throwing me the life jacket.

I’m A Big Fat Liar

I know, I know…The Storm isn’t out yet.

2012 was a super crappy year for me but 2013 has been worse. I won’t bore you all with the details but take my word for it; this year has been magnificently terrible.

I’m working on it. I hope it’ll be out soon but at this point I’m not making promises. My excuses are lame ones. I’m aware of this. I wish I could elaborate but I don’t dare make it public. I don’t want pity. I just want my life back.

I appreciate your patience. I hope I still have a few readers left when the book finally does make it out. If not, well, I guess I deserve it. Perhaps one day I’ll share my troubles, however, today is not that day.


The Storm is coming…

Take a few minutes to pop on over to my book page for my upcoming book, The Storm. You can find it listed under “books” from the menu above.

The cover is now online and ready for comments/criticisms.

The Storm is coming…better stay indoors.


Gone But Not Gone

Hello all,

Lack of content. My site haz it.

There are many reasons behind why The Storm isn’t finished and why the blog hasn’t been updated in so long but unfortunately those reasons are very personal and unloading them here would be highly unprofessional and quite honestly, would piss some people off. As much as I love to piss people off, I made promises that I intend to keep.

2012 has been a very, very difficult year for me, personally. I got divorced, had to move, and basically begin again. I dated someone that meant a great deal to me but the relationship ended. I’m not putting the blame anywhere, it is all my fault that nothing has been accomplished, however all these things have had an effect on me emotionally, psychologically, physically, etc… and my brain had to shut down somewhere. And so my muse went to sleep.

I hope 2013 brings more writing time. I want to bring The Storm to those faithful readers who have been requesting it. Right now, my mind, body, and soul is still healing from the roller coaster ride it has been riding for this whole year. Hopefully these experiences can breathe new life into my work. If there’s one thing I can attest to, it’s that I’ve certainly learned a lot about humanity this year. And most of it ain’t good.

Hang in there. And thank you to those who have not lost faith in me. I appreciate you and you know who you are.


A Brief Interlude…

I’m just popping on the blog to let everyone know that work continues on The Storm (it is a very old novel and due to its age, it’s needed a lot of work and attention) but that it’s going well. It should be ready for release in a few months. The cover has already been designed and I’ll release that shortly before the release of the book.

Sorry to everyone for the blogs being few and far between, however, I have been going through some pretty serious life changes and haven’t been able to dedicate the time I need to get a serious foothold on the work.

The next book, tenatively titled The Other Sky, is also moving along well. I’ve been keeping busy.

I hope everyone is enjoying this awesome weather we’ve been having. I certainly have.

Much love,

Gina xoxo




Friday the 13th


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